Welcome to WP Array!

You may be wondering, why WP Array?

I would like to take us back to arrays. I hated arrays in my introductory course in programming back then in college. I came later to learn that they are extremely useful and are a beautiful way of storing and retrieving data.

In this blog, however, we will not be talking about arrays as a way of storing data. Though we may go on a deep dive programming 🙂 Rather in this blog we will be talking about an array of beauty and function around WordPress and the web.

This blog will host content related to WordPress plugins, themes, productivity, fonts, how-to articles, inspirations curated content and so on. The blog is also a community where ideas are shared through interactions. We shall not stop there, we will also have compelling guest voices.

To conclude, the motivation behind the blog is simple. It is for you to find at least one value before hitting the close button 😉

It is our hope that we will fulfill that promise.

P.S. Read my welcome post here