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Have you ever wondered why some businesses fail and some succeed? That question lingers in many people’s mind.  A study by the entrepreneur magazine has shown that poor customer support is one of the key reasons businesses fail. 

There is a famous business buzzword “The customer is king” those words could not be truer words when it comes to your business. The customer is the single reason why you are in business. Therefore treasuring them and making them feel valued should be your mission.

Whether you are selling online or have a physical shop, it is easy to observe great customer service. 

Why exceptional customer support is crucial for your survival

It takes microseconds for a customer to decide whether to buy from you or the competitor. With competition lurking any slip-ups and the potential customer is gone forever. 

Investing in quality customer support is a must-have. But what is quality customer support? Quality customer support is ensuring availability, reliability and ease of access to customer support. 

Avoiding disappointments

Chances of encountering disappointments in customer support are high and sure. Explicitly setting your expectations beforehand for your customers averts disappointments. With clarity comes ease. 

How do you set expectations? Indicating the available support hours and the expected turn around time sets the proper expectation. Having a customer service charter explicitly displayed on the products or service gives confidence to your customers.

Measuring customer support

How do you know customers are satisfied? One of the ways is to ask for reviews. You can also be proactive and do random follow up surveys. 

Importance of courtesy 

Customer support language and etiquette is key to five-star customer support. Customers do not leave a product or a service. Instead, they leave because they feel unappreciated or undervalued. 

Customer etiquette is foundational for customer support excellence. Etiquette involves soft skills which include: Listening skills, positive attitude, empathy, clarity, assertiveness and so on. 

Dealing with uncertainty and rogue customers

Have you ever had a bad customer support experience? How did you navigate through it? Handling uncertain and bad customer encounters is an underrated skill in customer support. 

Awkward situations that you may encounter include: dealing with nagging customers, abusive customers, inconsiderate and thankless customers. The fact is that customer support requires that you must remain calm and keep your composure at all times. 

Modern customer support trends

Live chat – This is a no brainer. Customers love realtime engagements. Your product or service should have live chat with mobile support.

Social media contact – Chances are that your customers will interact with your business via social media pages. Always ensure someone is readily available to answer them.

24/7 support – depending on what your product does or the distribution. Many customers come online to expect 24/7 customer support.

Automation – The rise of AI and bots in customer support has increased self-service customer support. 

To conclude, customer support is an integral part of your business. It should get equal attention as your engineering, marketing, sales and human resource departments. Investing in customer support is the quickest way to get a return on investment. 

“Always give people more than they expect to get” – Nelson Boswell

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