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How to integrate Zoom webinars to your WordPress website

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When COVID-19 came, we did not know the impact it would have on our lives. Despite the negative effects COVID-19 has brought, there is one main positive thing we can write home about. COVID-19 has been the key catalyst to the massive shift towards digital across all industries.

As a result of the shift, video communications has taken the centre stage. It has become the default and the easiest way for humans to connect while maintaining social distancing.

As video communications become ubiquitous, it’s pervasiveness in the business world, religious, family and government institutions has increased exponentially.

Board meetings, prayers and bible study, family catch-ups, judicial rulings and high-level government meetings are in many cases conducted virtually. 

The search for the best video communication platform was in the minds of many at first. The race was on. Zoom video communications came out tops at least in the short term. However, we have seen more and more platforms such as Google meet and Microsoft Teams catching on like wildfire!

My focus will be on zoom. Today I am going to show you how you can leverage on Zoom platform and integrate Zoom meetings on your WordPress website.

We are going to use eRoom free plugin that will integrate Zoom meetings on your WordPress website. 

Step 1 – Download and install

Use the link above to download the latest version of eRoom free plugin. To install head over to plugin then add new plugin. Select to upload the downloaded files then click install now. You may also use the search box to locate and install the plugin.

Upon successful installation, eRoom menu will be added to your WordPress dashboard context menu as shown below

eRoom zoom plugin context menu

Step 2 – Integrating Zoom API

The first thing you need to do after installing is to integrate eRoom plugin with Zoom using the API keys. You will need your Zoom account API key (Public key) and API secret key (Private key).

eRoom Zoom API key input

Step 3 – How to obtain Zoom API Keys 

A Zoom account is required to obtain Zoom APIs. Simply sign up to create an account. Once logged in to your account, head over to the advanced menu on the left-hand side then click integration. 

In the latest Zoom update integrations moved to the App Market place. All you need to do is to click on Go To App Marketplace. 

Zoom Go to App Marketplace

Under the develop drop-down menu, click on Build App.

Zoom Market place. Build app

Choose the type of application from the options. In this case, we will select JWT. This enables our WordPress website to communicate with Zoom servers.

Zoom JWT application type

Enter the API information, app credentials and click continue button until you finish. At the end of the process, you should be able to copy the generated public key and private key.

Zoom API Credentials

We will now head back to our WordPress backend and paste our keys under Zoom settings main settings section and save.

Zoom settings main settings

That should be it! Your WordPress site and Zoom servers can now communicate. You will be able to see this in action in the next section once we create our first meeting.

Step 4 – Creating your first meeting and webinar

Once you have connected the APIs, you are now able to host meetings and webinars from your site! To do that, we will need to create our first meeting. 

To create a meeting, click on meetings then Add new. The next step is to sync the website with Zoom via the API. To do this, click on Sync with Zoom Meetings. The same applies when creating webinars. 

synchronize Zoom meetings
Synced eRoom and Zoom meetings

Fill in the create meeting form

eRoom create Zoom meeting

Successfully created meetings will be listed as below

eRoom Zoom meeting listing

Step 5 – How to display webinars on your website 

eRoom plugin provides shortcodes that allow you to display webinars on a particular webpage. These settings can be found under eRoom Zoom Settings. 

eRoom zoom settings - shortcodes

To display a particular meeting, webinar, meeting list or webinar list on your website is straightforward. Simply create a new page, post or widget area and paste the relevant short-code.

eRoom zoom webinar shortcode that displays webinars in a grid format

Upon refreshing the page, your webinar should be displayed on the website as below.

eRoom - Zoom webinar displayed on a web page

Remember you can always adjust the number of webinar items you wish to display on the page. For single webinars and meetings, all you need to do is to assign the correct ID for the correct webinar or meeting to be displayed.

I do not speak for eRoom Zoom webinar plugin but I find eRoom plugin one of the easiest to use. The pro version has greater functionality and capability. It can empower you to monetize your webinars and meetings as well!

That should be it!

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