Struggling with background noise in meetings? Noise cancellation app for Zoom, teams, Google meet

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What does AI has to do with noise cancellation? A lot actually. Lets dig in.

Almost everyone globally now knows about virtual meetings in 2020. COVID-19 became the catalyst to it’s increased adoption in business meetings, academic lectures, religious meetups, virtual conferences, family meetings and so on.

But not everyone is enjoying virtual meetings due to the hindrances that you wouldn’t experience on a one on one meeting. Some of the challenges you may encounter in virtual meetings include internet latency, power outages, poor lighting and so on. But there is one major challenge I will focus on today and that is noise. Noise is ubiquitous in virtual meetings because we hold meetings in environments that were previously not meeting places. For example, working from home, restaurant, meeting along the road, airports, hotels and so on.

Noise may come from different sources depending on your environment. For instance, at home the children can be noisy, dogs, the road nearby and so on. At work, noise may come from machines, co-workers in other meetings or even traffic outside.

We all know noise is a hindrance to good communication. How then can you mitigate against noise during your meeting?

I hopped online to look for a solution and I recently came across an app called Krisp via YouTube. I was amazed by its capability to cancel any background noise powered by Artificial Intelligence(AI). I tested it by putting the music system volume high and it worked! In the YouTube video, I watched a demonstration where a child was making noise on the microphone and Krisp filtered it out. It works like charm!

Finally, I also checked the voice quality and it did not appear to have degraded. I therefore, recommend Krisp to you with confidence for your next virtual meeting.

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