The best e-commerce platform for selling digital products

There is no doubt that selling digital products online is becoming more ubiquitous by the day. Some of the digital products that are saleable include plugins, e-books, music, software and so on. You may be having a digital product and may be wondering how can I launch and what is the best platform can I use to sell? While there are so many options, for example, you can use Shopify or create a store using WooComerce, I will share my experience using Easy Digital

Getting started selling digital products is a breeze especially in WordPress. WordPress platform exposes you to a range of plugins that gives you a headstart quickly. However, having too many options is confusing and can lead to loss of time and indecisiveness.

Having tried many e-commerce digital plugins, I would recommend Easy digital downloads plugin for selling your digital products. I have used it since 2016 for selling digital software and I have found it reliable and flexible for a number of reasons:

1. Payment gateways integration

Easy digital downloads empowers you to quickly integrate popular payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, Braintree, Clickbank, Sofort among others with ease. PayPal Standard and Amazon Pay come as the default available payment gateways for you to get started real quick. You only need to have created a PayPal or an Amazon Pay account.

The beauty about Easy Digital Downloads plugin is that you can extend the API and build your own custom gateway. This is useful when you want to work with integration partners e.g. your local bank or financial entity during automation.

2. Detailed reporting and notifications

Easy digital downloads provides detailed daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reports that are exportable at any given time.

In addition to reporting, Easy Digital Downloads gives you sales projection based on sales frequency for a given period of time. With this, you are able to predict future income and optimize conversion. Easy Digital Downloads historical data helps you perform analysis and empower you to employ growth hacking strategies to boost your sales.

If you are busy like me, consider installing Easy Digital download app that supports Android and IOS. The app will give you ability to monitor sales closely via your mobile phone.

3. Simple extendable licensing

With Easy Digital Downloads, you have the ability to easily license your digital products. This is good when you are targeting renewals and with Easy Digital downloads licensing application programming interface (API), you can easily add functionality as to how the licensing should work.

I sell licensed digital software on a subscription-based model. Easy Digital Downloads came in handy with license activation, expiration management and renewals. I am able to send customers renewal links automatically via email, I am also able to set license expiry reminders and send notifications in advance without requiring another third party plugin.

Easy Digital Downloads - License renewals and expiration management - Digital goods selling, Digital Products Licensing

4. Massive extensions store and community support

Easy Digital Downloads extension store includes free and premium extensions for any functionality you need in order to get your store up and running. For example, I use the Software Licensing extension to automate software licensing.

Easy Digital Downloads - Extensions

Third-party extensions are also available. These are built by talented developers from the Easy Digital Downloads community. Should you be an experienced software developer it is possible for you to join the community and develop an extensions for Easy Digital Downloads as well!

5. Promo codes for marketing campaigns enabled

You do not need a third party to create and manage coupon code generation for your marketing and sales promo. Easy Digital Downloads comes with built-in ability to generate discount codes for your sales and marketing campaigns.

Easy Digital Download Discount or Coupon Code generation - Digital Products selling

You can create unlimited discount codes for unlimited products. You also have the ability to extend or set expiration time.

In conclusion, I would say there are many ways you can sell digital products online. The best approach is to choose a platform that is well documented and gives flexibility for functionality extension.

I hope you find this article insightful and hopefully help you to select a proper plugin for selling your digital products.

AuthorWayne Bloom

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