The cleanest free WordPress notification bar I have ever come across

Have you been searching for the best way to display notifications at the top bar of your WordPress site? I have some good news for you, your search has come to an end!

I have used many notification bars for many years during my WordPress website design journey. Many have been a disappointment until I came across the Next notification bar.

I can confidently say that Next notification bar is by far the best! It is easy to learn and it takes seconds to set up. Here is what I was able to create in one breathing cycle 🙂

In my experience, I found the Next notification bar elegant because of its flexibility and ease of use. Next notification bar gives you the option to easily add HTML tags in your message, display and position the call to action button and adjust the top and bottom padding of your message box.

Next notification bar

What I loved about the Next notification bar is its theming capability. Next notification bar comes with six predefined theme styles that you can choose from. But don’t worry, if you are not satisfied with the existing options, there is an option to add your custom style 🙂

Next notification bar

With Next notification bar, you have three options when it comes to positioning your notification i.e. top, fixed top and bottom.

Next notification bar

The top is where the notification bar scrolls and disappears as the page is scrolled. Whereas for the fixed-top option, the notification bar remains in position despite the scrolling effect. The bottom option displays the notification bar at the bottom of the footer.

Next notification bar

Next notification bar also gives you control on where to display with the option of showing it on all pages, homepage, posts, pages available. It also has a nifty feature that enables the close button to be displayed as needed.

Next notification bar

In closing, I found this plugin extremely helpful in easily getting the job done. See it beautifully displaying at the top of this website! Here is a video overview of how it works.


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