The easiest way to deploy and back-up your WordPress website

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I am one of those website developers who like working offline via the localhost. Working on localhost has many advantages including not requiring internet and speed.

However, working on localhost comes with its own challenges. Two challenges come to my mind. First, you do not have the same server settings as you would have in a live environment. Hence, you may have challenges having the site running once deployed. Secondly, it is tedious to deploy sites from localhost to live server due to numerous settings. 

Thankfully, there is an easy way of doing things. I recently came across a nifty plugin called All in One WP Migration. A free plugin that allows you to export development site to live server with a single click. All in One WP Migration provide a 1-click backup and deployment of your site. 

How it works 

First, download and install All in One WP Migration via the plugin section.

Once you have installed, you will see three options on the plugin menu: Export, Import and Backups. The export option gives you a one-click option to export your whole site (including the database by the way) to a file or available cloud storage option. You can locate this in the advanced options section.

Depending on where you decide to export your site to and the size of the files, the export process should take a few minutes. For file-based export option, your storage shall download to your local machine saved in WPPRESS File format.

Automatic backup

The good thing with All In One WP Migration is that for each export made, it becomes a backup automatically hence no need to worry about backing up again.

Import process

Again, the import process is a simple one-click process. All you need to do is to click on import from and locate where the exported file or backup is.

All In One WP Migration has a maximum upload of 1GB. You can always increase the limit by going premium.

Upon successful import, you may need to do only one more thing, and that is updating the permalinks.

That should be it!

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